Andrei Zelenco is a landscape architect and 3D artist who got into Substance Designer in 2017.

After a "short" dive into parametric design using Autodesk Inventor and Rhino + Grasshopper. He initially wanted to use SD to create procedural illustrations, diagrams and concept designs for his landscape projects, but after a while realized he could use Designer to learn math and programming concepts. Yes, you read that right.

His talk titled "Techniques for complex pattern creation in Substance Designer using Pixel Processor and FX map" will cover things such as building procedural 2D curves with pixel processors and FX maps, making a Vector Blur node from scratch and even making a simple fluid simulation (and again - yes, you read that right).

"I will demonstrate how simple ideas borrowed from differential equations can be used to design intricate and procedurally controlled curves and how to work with data in Substance Designer.

In the Vector Blur section I will demonstrate how to efficiently create flat loops inside a Pixel Processor.

Lastly, I'll be making a simple fluid simulation using the idea of a feedback loop. In the end of this section, I will discuss other possible uses for this general idea of feedback loops in order to create other types of complex patterns such as reaction diffusion patterns or fractals."


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