We're proud to present our next speaker - José Pareja Gómez.

Born in Mexico City, he holds a Master of Architecture degree in Architecture and Urbanism by the Architectural Association in London UK. He has been a lecturer on diverse technology and architectural forums in Latin America and Europe.
He is an Associate at Zaha Hadid Architects where he has worked on a series of Urban and Architectural projects specialising in the use of computation within the design development process. In addition, he is a lead VR Developer for the ZHVR Group, AR/VR research and development group within ZHA.

He’s previously been a Course Tutor at Bartlett UCL BPro's Research Cluster 9, a unit focused on extended realities and augmentation in architectural design and fabrication, and is currently a course tutor at the Architectural Association DRL master’s programme.

His talk "Architecture in the Digital Age" will showcase the work of the ZHVR Group, an immersive technologies research group within ZHA, as well as research carried out in Academia, at the Architectural Association School of Architecture DRL (Design Research Lab) and UCL Bartlett Bpro postgraduate programmes, in the topics of Metaverse and Mixed Reality technologies.


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