Simone is a Generalist/FX artist, and a diehard 3dsmax user.

Like some of us old dogs, he's old enough to remember 3ds DOS.
He started his career in archviz, but jumped into the generalist/fx path in 2010, thanks to an opportunity to work in a 3dsmax-based pipeline for a BBC dinosaurs documentary, “Planet Dinosaur”.
Since then he worked as a generalist mainly for advertising, and lately for TV series as vfx artist.

Right before biting the bullet and looking at the Houdini steep learning curve, TyFlow came to save him 2 years ago. In his own words, TyFlow development still goes faster than his ability to catch up, but if you ask us, he's doing a pretty good job of it. 😉

His talk "TyFlow: 3ds max Back in the Game" will cover a multitude of TyFlow related topics, such as the various tools available
(tyflow grains, cloth, physics, integration with PhoenixFD), getting further from particles with superior modifiers, instancing on steroids and other interesting tidbits supplemented with examples from TV series, advertisements and idents.


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