Our next speaker is somewhat of a mystery. Nothing is as it seems. But you'll understand when you see it.

Raymond Trace was born in 1971. He lived in a small town in Canada where he worked at a local grocery store. His job was to ring up groceries and give change back to customers. He hated his job because it was boring and repetitive. He often thought about leaving his job, but never did because he didn't have enough money saved to live off of until he could find something else.
One day, while working at the grocery store, he saw a flyer posted outside regarding a math contest. He decided to enter the contest and won first place! He received $5000 dollars! He immediately quit his job and went to California to pursue his dream of becoming a professional mathematician. While in California, he met a girl named Jennifer and they fell in love. After a year together, they got married in Las Vegas.

When he returned home after his honeymoon, he told his wife about his plans to become a professional mathematician. She wasn't happy about it and said she would divorce him if he left her and their two kids behind. So, he stayed with his family and started studying mathematics. He eventually became a professor at his university and taught students how to solve mathematical problems.

Eventually, he became bored of teaching and wanted to do something different. He decided to go back to school and study computer science. He took some classes at night and soon became a programmer. He loved programming and wrote many programs to help people learn how to program. While coding, he met a woman named Lisa and they fell in love again. They dated for two years before getting married.

He continued to code and write programs and now works for a company called Google. He loves what he does and says it's the best job ever!

He lives in San Francisco with his wife Lisa and their three kids.


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