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Taco Van der Maden has worked in the world of 3D visualization for over 20 years. He started his career as product designer but soon the passion for Computer Graphics and 3D moved his career path to the visualization and digital communication world. During his career he has been engaged in all aspects of 3D and Computer Graphics, from modelling, rendering, animations to real-time visualization in VR for product development, marketing and events. Taco has been evolving his career from being a 3D artist and 3D generalist to leading global teams of professionals in corporate realities. Taco joined IKEA Marketing & Communication, the in-house marketing & communication agency of IKEA in 2015 and today leads the Engineering & Technology team. In this role he sets and delivers technologies and system automations to support IKEA's business evolving use of 3D content and enabling the production of 3D and communication in large scale. Ronnie Ekdahl has a communications and technical background. In 2012 Ronnie started to work at IKEA Communications and lead many communication projects, using 3D as a base for holistic production flows and effective production methods. In 2015 Ronnie started as a manager for the 3D Model production team and also lead the operational part of product picture production. In 2017 Ronnie started to co-lead the whole 3D Communication department as deputy business area manager. In this role, he was part of managing the business and lead Project leaders, 3D artist, 3D Modeler, and Assembly instruction teams. Today Ronnie is 3D manager at IKEA Marketing and Communication AB and part of the tactical plan for Virtual Product / 3D for IKEA and leading the IKEA Core 3D Development team. Having listened to several IKEA talks before, we're positive their talk "Challenge and Vision of our Virtual Product, 3D and Data journey" will provide lots of insight and interesting stuff to people from all industry segments.


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